Denis Gougeon

Granby (Canada), 1951

Well-known in the Canadian musical scene, composer Denis Gougeon has more than 100 works to his credit, ranging from solo to orchestra, from concert works (piano, guitar, English horn, piccolo) to chamber music, as well as from the musical story to the ballet. Simultaneously sensitive, lyrical and imbued with tremendous dynamism, his music has gained him a reputation beyond our borders and garnered him numerous awards. A professor of composition in the Faculty of Music at the Université de Montréal since 2001, his path is punctuated by prestigious collaborations both on the Canadian and international stage. His great versatility has lead him to many collaborations with the theatrical milieu in addition to working with renowned ballets. Keenly sensitive to audiences of all ages, Gougeon has also composed works designed for young people, working with he also wrote works intended for the young audience and in collaboration with the legendary Gilles Vigneault he created an original musical tale.

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Music scores

Voler comme un oiseau

flèche de redimension de la partition

Karaoke tracks

Voler comme un oiseau

  • Voler comme un oiseau

Comic book

Taking off with Denis Gougeon


I. The first years

II. Birth of a composer

III. Composing, a trade

IV. A composer on stage

Other available materials

Chant de l’amitié score for secondary school band is available at the Canadian Music Centre — Certain fees apply.