Ana Sokolović

Belgrade (Serbia), 1968

A Montrealer by adoption, from her early years Serbian composer Ana Sokolović was nurtured in the arts. Before making her mark in theatre and music she studied classical ballet. She studied composition at the University of Novi Sad, completing her master’s degree at the Université de Montréal with José Evangelista. A fascination for the various forms of artistic expression colours her work. At once rich and playful, her music plunges the listener into a universe replete with imagery universe, often inspired by the folklore of the Balkans and its festive and asymmetric rhythms. Thanks to the fresh breezes which breathe life into her compositions, she has gained renown, garnering many commissions and awards. Her repertoire includes works for orchestra, for voice plus several chamber music pieces. She has also composed numerous music works for the theatre, including two operas. Currently she teaches composition at the Université de Montréal.
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Music score

Viva la musica

Ana Sokolović


Ana Sokolović

Pistes karaoké

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Ana Sokolović


I. The Childhood of Art

II. Back to the Roots

III. The Game of Composition

IV. Creation in Progress

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Comment: Ana Sokolovic

Thank you for everything. Our kids had such an amazing experience. They really loved the workshops and the concert. What an amazing experience for them. The teachers and parents loved it too by the way!


Comment: Ana Sokolovic

Thank you for presenting Ana Sokolovic to us at the workshop. I have introduced her to many classes and will continue to refer to the material you have handed out. Merci


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