John Rea

Toronto (Canada), 1944

John Rea split his childhood between an in-depth study of the piano and other artistic disciplines, including singing, trumpet, drawing, sculpture and tap-dancing. As a young adult he joined a group of directed improvisation. This eventually lead him to composition, the subject of his doctoral thesis at Princeton University (USA). In 1973, John Rea was asked to take a post at Montreal’s McGill University. To this day he has held various posts, including professor of composition, musical theory and orchestration as well as Dean of the Faculty of Music. John Rea will never stop composing. His works - representing extremely varied genres - have been commissioned by ensembles from all over, and have garnered prestigious awards. His music has travelled through Canada, the United States and Europe, unmistakably reflecting his deep interest in the arts and mathematics, for the music of the past, and human complexity. A fascinating universe, abounding with sound illusions, metamorphoses and mirror effects.

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Music scores

Pincer, penser, chanter

flèche de redimension de la partition

Karaoke tracks

Pincer, penser, chanter

  • Pincer, penser, chanter

Comic book

John Rea or The Composer's Secret


I. Baby C

II. Leap forward

III. Take off

IV. Breath

Other available materials

Danser avec la gravité score for secondary school band is available at the Canadian Music Centre — Certain fees apply.