Gilles Tremblay

Arvida (Canada), 1932-2017

Born of an industrialist father and a mother who writes children's books, Gilles Tremblay is educated in Montreal from an early age. After studying at the Conservatoire de musique du Québec and at the Conservatoire National Superior de Musique in Paris, Gilles Tremblay gave courses in music analysis and composition in Quebec conservatories. These courses, entirely inspired by those offered by Olivier Messiaen in Paris, are particularly innovative and formative in that the composer connects with each other major works in the history of music, establishing bridges between the past and the present. Gilles Tremblay's particular approach to a history without rupture is also reflected in his works, which, to the rhythm of a new composition every year, have been presented on all continents. While he was eminently of his time, Tremblay always refused to break with the great musical traditions. Better than any other, he has managed to combine in a coherent whole the poles of tradition and modernity.

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Music scores

Au regard des solstices


François-Hugues Leclair

flèche de redimension de la partition

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Other available materials

Les Vêpres de la Vierge (excerpts) score for secondary school band is available at the Canadian Music Centre — Certain fees apply.

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